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"After many years of enduring constipation, diverticulitis and reflux problems, with Claire’s extremely knowledgeable nutritionist guidance, help and advice, I am pleased to say, I am now free of these problems and feel so much better in myself. 

Thank you so much, Claire, for helping me have a better understanding of the importance of good nutrition and also for explaining the various vitamin benefits and for helping me with so much more information.   

Many, many thanks"


"Claire is so full of knowledge and enthusiasm which got me engaged straight away. I took every detail on board and haven't looked back. As a thyroid sufferer I had a few areas of concern but the most debilitating was certainly my very swollen feet and ankles. Since implementing the changes advised by Claire I haven't had one day of swelling and have lost 32lb in weight too. I'm so glad I found Claire!"


Salmon Dish
Egg and Coconut

"Claire is extremely knowledgeable and lovely person she is always there to support I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for guidance"


"I was very impressed with Claire's expertise, her empathy with my client's challenges and her attempts to make nutrition fun. I loved her creative way of coming up with solutions and not being phased by the client's restrictions"

Dr Sarah Bryan

Poke Bowl

"Great experience and I now have a better understanding of food and my body and I feel so much better - thank you"


"Claire was really good at responding to messages quickly and really paid attention to what I was saying. Good service!."


Acai Bowl
Avocado Toast

"Claire is a delightful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable nutritionist, who has a genuine interest in helping her clients improve their diets and wellbeing. Under her guidance I now feel much better and have a greater understanding of the importance of good nutrition. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


“Claire has gone above and beyond in helping me. 
I wanted to focus on making sure I was having a nutritional diet for myself while breastfeeding as I knew I would be lacking in a lot of areas. I also wanted to maintain a healthy relationship with food as I have a tendency to binge which can really upset my stomach. 
The food plan Claire has given me is so easy to follow and when I go rogue (which is vary rare now) I know Claire is one message away to help me get back on track.”


Homemade Pesto

"After a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and perimenopause I was looking for a way to manage the symptoms I am experiencing naturally rather than through a reliance of pain killers. Claire has helped me so much with my journey after just a few months the cluster headaches I was experiencing have practically disappeared, my energy levels have increased and I feel once again that I am able to cope with life.  My journey is still ongoing but I have only positive results from the changes I have made so far.  Claire is so professional and knowledgeable she really cares."


“Claire, I just wanted to say thank you for your professional help and advice. My symptoms of anxiety have mostly disappeared, I feel so much better and my sleep has also improved! Whenever I do feel anxious,  the lifestyle tips you gave me have really helped me to manage it. The plan was easy to follow and I am still incorporating everything that you suggested into my diet and daily routine, and I really haven’t looked back!.”



''Claire has been of great help! She listened carefully and empathetically, as her recommendations were all relevant and easy to follow.I felt improvement shortly after our first session that still lasts.Unexpectedly, I discovered new food which is tasty and great for my health.I am willing to keep up the changes and recommend her to my friends.''


I began seeing Claire for reflexology earlier this year whilst experiencing perimenopausal symptoms. I discovered that Claire is extremely easy to talk to and just how broad her knowledge of the human body is. I have gained great insight into how the slightest imbalance in hormones can upset my whole system and Claire has proven just how important good gut health is to overall health, immunity and general wellbeing.

Claire formulated a nutritional and lifestyle plan for me to follow. Since then, I have never looked back. I now have lots more energy, have a more efficient digestive system, feel much more positive and rarely feel stressed or fatigued.


Organic Vegetables

"Claire spent a lot of time with my diet plan as I'm particularly fussy and didn't have the best relationship with food. I am still following much of the diet plan and have found that my symptoms are far more manageable and I am taking less of the tablets which was my ultimate goal with this to not be reliant on tablets to prevent this. 

Thanks for your time and improving my long term indigestion Claire"


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